David Dodge Photography

David is an award winning professional photographer and wanted a website to reflect that. Branding is important to him and asked us to design a logo and website that would showcase his work.

Together we decided on a signature style logo which is modern and clean looking.

The website had to be bright and colourful and most importantly portray David’s amazing photographs and work.

We used a block style gallery on the home page which shows off the photos and with the facility to open them up using Lightbox

David also wanted us to maintain the SEO of the website so that he stood out among a saturated genre of work.  We worked very closely with Google and Yoast services.

Pens People

Pens People are a well respected talent agency. They wanted a website that showcased their work but more importantly showcased their talented actors. The site had to also allow registration of new talent, both kids and adults. Therefore high security, information on the actors, had to be paramount.

We achieved this by coding a database capable of holding vital information which was only available to actor management and TV, Movie representatives.

Pens People also wanted video to be shared within the site to showcase some of their actors projects.

Reads Home Improvements

Dean, a local tradesman, came to us wanting a store front for his home improvement business. He wanted a site which he could show potential clients his work.

We created a simple gallery site which showcased his excellent work.

We are pleased to announce that Deans workload increased by 30%. We now help dean by uploading his most recent work on a regular basis.

Fun Magic Mirror

Fun Magic Mirror are an entertainment business running Photobooths and a very popular Magic Mirror.

They sourced alot of their work via social media but needed a website to guide their future clientele to when attending wedding fairs, corporate events etc.

We included a gallery to showcase their work. The website is very user friendly and responsive.

Their logo was designed by our creative team.

Whites Chauffeur Ltd

We at Black Panda Designs love to help out local businesses and Whites Chauffeurs Ltd were literally down the road from us. We approached them via a friend who was in the wedding business. 

Jim, owner of Whites Chauffeur Ltd, wanted a website that showcased his beautiful cars and amazing chauffeur service. We created a responsive website that did just that.

Clients are also able to book online and we created some user friendly forms for clients to fill out with ease.

We created a logo which was inspired by the old fashioned cars of years gone by.

Romas World

Roma is an inspirational 14 year old who has an incredible voice. Managed by her parents, they wanted a site that not only showcased her work for charity but also her music. 

We designed a site that emphasized her singing ability and social media platforms.

Roma has a large Instagram following and we designed a page that automatically updated when new material was posted.

We also built the site with a small Woocommerce shop where Romas albums and singles could be purchased. We have also recently included merchandise into the shop.

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